Paying our way


Inside the nave of our beautiful church.

Raising funds for our work

In the church – like any other organisation – finance plays an important role. We are so lucky to have such a beautiful building, but the upkeep is high. By pledging your giving, however great or small, we are able to budget for our expenditure – such things as heat and light, insurance, and the parish assessment which helps to pay for our clergy.

Envelopes are available to put in the collection each Sunday, or a standing order may be set up. Many people pay tax and use the Gift Aid scheme so that we can claim the tax paid on your offering at no additional cost to you.

Giving is voluntary. You are welcome in the church regardless of whether or not you are able to join in one of these schemes. The amount you give is known only to you, the Stewardship Secretary, the Treasurer (if you use a banker’s order) and God.


The Fundraising and Social Event team coordinates our activities and events to help raise money for special projects, and to augment the central funds for our core activities – as well as promoting good relations with our neighbours, and helping to show that the church members can have fun. We are responsible for the Summer & Advent Fairs. In recent times we have also arranged sponsored  quiz nights, a disco and a cycle ride.

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