Spiritual development


Our inspiration is from God through his Son and the Holy Spirit.

Our faith and trust in God grow as his Spirit leads us into deeper engagement with Christ and with one another. Opportunities are offered for everybody to learn more about faith through the activities described on this page.

Baptism, admission to Communion and Confirmation

Many people return to the church after a few years’ absence when they enquire about Baptism (also known as Christening). This is the ceremony by which anyone of any age is welcomed into membership of the Body of Christ, the church.

Enquirers are invited to attend our worship regularly, and a course of preparation helps enquirers to become active members of the church family. To enquire about Baptism, contact the Parish Priest, Fr David Pennells 020 8646 0666.

As a stage on the journey of faith, we encourage those young people who have been baptized to prepare for Admission to Communion. Youngsters have a simple course of preparation.

The New Wine Group is the next step on our journey. We particularly welcome adult members of the congregation who are interested in Baptism and/or Confirmation, but the group is open to everyone who is willing to learn more about their faith and the basics of Christianity. This is a group for people of various ages – teenagers to pensioners – meeting for approximately 6 sessions, including a meal together and a day away. These sessions are relaxed and informal with no right or wrong answers.

Confirmation is prepared for by attending a New Wine Group. It is the final ceremony of initiation, marking an adult commitment to the Christian faith. It is always conducted by a Bishop, and may take place at any church in his diocese, to represent membership of something broader than the local parish church.

House groups

House groups are made up of a band of Christians from the congregation in Mitcham. We meet in one another’s homes, aiming to keep the sessions fairly short, about an hour a week over 5-6 weeks.

We begin with a prayer and then take it in turn to read a passage from the Bible. We interpret and reflect on how the scripture might affect our daily lives. You can just listen if you want to but we’re very friendly and everyone feels welcome to join in. We laugh and sometimes it’s quite emotional; we feel the early disciples must have met and shared like this. We are reading God’s Word from the past but living in the present.
So if you would like to know more, come and join us.

Training opportunities

There are many routes into ministry in the Church of England, at levels to suit all able and willing volunteers in Christ’s mission. Most of these are available through our local diocese, Southwark. Speak to one of the Clergy in church first if you are interested – and they will talk you through the first steps.

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