Singing God’s praises


The bell tower can be seen - and heard - across our part of Mitcham.

The choir

We have an adult mixed-voice choir, rehearsing at 7.30pm most Fridays. We participate in worship each Sunday morning at 10am and also at approximately twelve special services each year.

We are a mixed ability group including music graduates and those not able to read music. No audition is needed, only the ability to sing in tune. Our organist and choir mistress is happy to speak to anyone who would like to join the choir. She will also be pleased to talk to anyone in the congregation who plays a musical instrument.

The bellringers

You can’t see us – but you can certainly hear us. No special skills are needed to learn to ring, although a half-decent memory is an advantage. Ringers’ age range tends to be 16+ through to extremely old. Physical strength is not a must but a sense of hand, eye and brain co-ordination is needed.

We practise every Monday evening. Initial learning is carried out on ‘tied’ bells (the sound muffled for the benefit of our neighbours), once general handling is considered okay learners are ‘let loose’ on open bells with the rest of the group. We have marvellous support from ringers based at other nearby churches.
Commitment is important, and regular attendance at Monday training is essential for the first few months. Once trained to a suitable level, ringing for the 10am Sunday service is expected of all ringers. We are also asked to ring for some weddings and on other special occasions and national events.

The servers

We are aided by an excellent and hard-working team of servers. For further information or to join in on a more formal basis, contact our team either in church or via the details at the top of this page.

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