Giving God the glory

Parish Eucharist

At 10.00am every Sunday, the congregation gathers to give thanks, to pray, to receive Holy Communion and the blessing of God. This Service lasts about 70-75 minutes. Refreshments are served in church immediately afterwards – to encourage people to get to know each other, and to grow in fellowship.

Our Junior Church meets at the same time, gathering for age-appropriate teaching in the first half of the Service, returning to the main Service at the Sharing of the Peace.

At 9.30am every Tuesday there is a quieter celebration of the Eucharist, lasting about 40 minutes. A Homily [short sermon] is preached – and again refreshments are served straight afterwards.

Prayer & Intercession

Opportunities for private prayer in church are available if you contact the Vicar or the Parish Office.

We regularly pray for people at the Eucharists and other Services. If you would like somebody to be included on this intercessions list, please leave their [and your] details with the Vicar, Fr David [020 8646 0666] or at the Parish Office [020 8648 1566].

Quiet days, retreats and pilgrimages

We hold regular events giving people an opportunity for deeper prayer and devotion to God. Further events will be announced when they occur; see our ‘What’s On‘ page for further information.

Baptism, Admission to Communion & Confirmation

Details can be found in the ‘Our Faith’ section, for ceremonies to mark initiation into Church membership.

Weddings and Funerals

Enquirers can either meet the clergy in church, or speak to them by contacting the Parish Office or the Vicar – Fr David Pennells.


Worship and prayer are at the heart of everything else we do. As well as the regular Sunday Parish Eucharist at 10.00am, and the Tuesday 09.30 Eucharist, there are occasional opportunities for other forms of worship, such as Evening Services, and times for reflection, including quiet days and retreats.






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