Making Mitcham Parish Church more visible and accessible

Open Church

Mitcham Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul is a suburban church in Mitcham, Surrey – within the London Borough of Merton.

Our local communityarea  has seen much regeneration work in recent years, but there is still more to be done. We are working hard to make our church and the extensive churchyard around us more welcoming to the local community.

Our churchyard is a ‘closed’ churchyard – meaning no new burials can take place there. Staff of the London Borough of Merton help maintain the grass and hedges. It is, sadly, somewhat neglected, but represents a great opportunity to provide green space for the local ecology.

More recently, access to the church has been improved through some well-designed hard landscape works, with better signage and a better maintained environment.

A major programme of works was also undertaken in more recent years, when we have cleared scrub, weeds and rubbish from the immediate vicinity of the church. We have cut back our boundary hedges and trees, to improve the plants and to open up more views. And we recently won a local award for the lovely garden at the front of our church, which is beautifully maintained by volunteers.

Recent work has provided a more welcoming front door and entrance vestibule. The curved stone vehicular ‘pull-in’ [which allows cars to drop people off just off Church Road, with levelk access to the church building] has provided us with improved safety and accessibility for all users and provides better vehicular access for occasions such as Weddings and Funerals.

Better views: by maintaining the trees around our perimeter we have opened up new vistas on to our beautiful Georgian church building.

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