Each month we support a mission project

Mission projects in 2016

Our church supports different mission projects throughout the year. We aim to invite a speaker or representative from each charitable cause to tell us about their work.

We support them financially by making donations to each cause, through individual donations and from central parish funds..

  • Jan:  The Riverside Animal Centre
  • Feb:  The Bishop of Southwark’s Lent Call
  • Mar: The Bishop of Southwark’s Lent Call
  • Apr:  Christian Aid
  • May: Christian Aid
  • Jun:  The Alzheimers’ Society
  • Jul:   The Alzheimers’ Society
  • Aug:  Water Aid
  • Sep:   Water Aid
  • Oct:   Homelessness Charities
  • Nov:  Homelessness Charities
  • Dec:   The Children’s Society


Note: include piece abour Fair
Trade status

Fair Trade status
Our church seeks to buy all its products through Fair Trade sources wherever possible.

Our church invites a wide range of speakers to address the congregation on our mission projects.

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