Why are we here ?

Our Church is here to offer support, comfort, and challenge to all in this community – showing the love of God and telling the good news of Jesus Christ, who is the model for our lives and focus of our worship.

The Church is not for Saints

We believe that God is active in the ordinariness of daily life, and that God is present in the world – just as much as in the Church.

Church people are simply those who have chosen to respond to God’s presence and call – and who offer thanks back for all that is good.

We recognise our need for God’s love and compassion, especially when there is sadness, grief or tension in our lives.

We are not saints, but ordinary people who know (however vaguely) that we need God, and the support of God’s people – in order to become more fully human. In this process of discovery, we are helped by mutual support, the reading of scripture, regular times of prayer, and by sharing in the worship that is offered here, week by week.

If you are new to this church

Everyone is warmly welcome in this church, whatever your beliefs (or doubts), gender, race, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, age or marital status.

We simply come together, whoever we may be, to receive the grace of God from Christ, and to learn to live our lives according to the guidance of his Holy Spirit.

Where might you fit in?

The following page describes a simple programme of action for Mitcham Parish Church, where everyone has a place.

If you would like to know more, do contact us (see details top right).

By the Spirit of Christ at work in us, we are learning to live by trust in God, serving our neighbour, loving one another, and proclaiming God’s kingdom.



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